Sarah Oldmeadow Holly Hoyland: Ben Lawson Pete Gartside: Glenn gives her a sad sympathetic look but Janae doesn’t look like she knows what to do with it and follows the others inside. BOYD not entirely sincerely: Glenn smiles as she tells Janae, I’m not sure if she was expecting Janae to be pleased at the news, but gracefully Janae doesn’t even greet the news from the woman who stole her husband with a reply and leaves her love rival standing in the street with bin bag in hand. Toadie busts Rosie when she breaks the law to help Frazer’s case, causing her to declare her heart. Recap Sky and Dylan are told that initial tests show Kerry’s transplant was a success Glenn looks at a pregnancy test Stingray quietly passes away during Janelle’s surprise birthday party. As she cuts the cake, Bree reminds her that if the knife comes out dirty she has to kiss the nearest boy.

Boyd begs Janae for a second chance. Joe Clements Oliver Barnes: Tom gets under Susan’s skin and Rosie unwittingly crushes Frazer’s confidence. Steiger supports a stunned Janelle. Zeke arrives and has a piece of paper Bree, he tells her not to read it until later. When he runs into Shandi, the two hit it off and Miles learns that she too, has read the book. Steiger says sometimes there isn’t.

At The Hospital Everyone, especially Sky and Janelle, seems to be on edge about waiting for the test results.


Neighbours – Episode 5175

There is a big grin on her face. David Hoflin Frazer Yeats: BOYD not entirely sincerely: Hey, how’s Kerry holding up? Steiger senses that perhaps Dylan is just a little frightened of going to the appointment they have with Doctor Marley, as today is the day that they will find out if the operation was successful for Kerry.

Adelaide Kane ‘Stingray’ Double: Victor Bizzotto Celine Houston: Elle decides to escape from her father’s manipulative clutches. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt. Stingray is talking about him, telling Kerry that dad’s don’t come much better than her’s. Cop Ya Australian airdate: Toadie and Rosie go head to head over his girlfriend. Sky thanks him for everything that he has done, and in return Harold thanks Sky.

When Sky comes out of the office, Stingray embraces her, and Sky says thank you. Does that mean neighbourw Janelle was only 13 when she had him?

Neighbours Episode Guide:

Glenn is disappointed with Boyd’s response, but it seems that she was half expecting it. All of a sudden his expression turns serious and he sits down on his desk.

Stingray’s Video Diary Stingray, sitting in number 26, has made episodd diary so Kerry knows what they were all like before they were old and grey. Steiger goes all out to make Janelle realise he will return. How Swede It Is Summary: Glenn gives her a sad sympathetic look but Janae doesn’t look like she knows what to do with it and nejghbours the others inside. Stingray gone from main cast list. Boyd works hard, but fails to win back Janae.


Neighbours Episode Guide: 5175-5199

Sky and Stingray go in for a kiss, my goodness there has been a lot nsighbours kissing in this episode, maybe it should carry a warning. Number 26 Bree cradles Stingray’s much-loved camera.

Dylan kisses Sky on the head, before rushing out of the office to tell the family that it worked. Maybe she has to. Knowing she’ll be haunted by suspicion forever, Janae walks out on love. Ben Lawson Lolly Allen: Boyd is taken in by the new doctor in town, not guessing that she’s fpisode dangerous fraud!

Zeke tells her it’ll get better but Bree would rather it went away altogether. Got your seatbelt on, mate? Oh My Go, Cupid, yes. Harold makes a personal sacrifice to protect Kerry. Anyway back to 32 Glenn has something to tell Boyd, two things actually.