Antarctica is fucking cold. Who could be of help? He later returned to the boulder and left the ashes there. The hard part was that intense winds, freezing temperatures, and the afore-mentioned misery of the Antarctic cold season prevented him having any hope of evacuation, and he was stuck in a recently-constructed work facility with no hospital equipment, no medical personnel, and an agonizingly-painful infected internal organ that was going to kill him if he didn’t get it removed in the next twenty-four hours. It was hard to see. That means just a day longer and it would have burst… My heart seized up and noticeably slowed, my hands felt like rubber. Finally, here it is, the cursed appendage! Every minutes I rest for seconds.

Well, I thought, it’s going to end badly and all that was left was removing the appendix,” he recalled. Kane propped himself up on the operating table with a mirror over his abdomen and three other doctors in the operating room as backup. Sure, appendectomies are some of the easiest surgical procedures you can perform, but it’s significantly less simple when you’re in a makeshift operating room, working blind and upside-down while running a fever and suffering from extreme nausea, and being assisted by a bunch of uneducated manual laborers. Leonid Rogozov lying down talking to his friend Yuri Vereschagin at Novolazarevskaya. The year-old was stuck on a remote base in the Antarctic. Her case was written up in the March issue of the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The operation itself lasted an hour and 45 minutes. It should be mentioned that self castration and self mutilation is actually the most common form of self- surgery and is not included in this list.

Leonid Rogozov “I did not sleep at all last night. After 30 or 40 minutes, he began to experience weakness and vertigo and had to take breaks. Why frighten my friends?

Dr. Leonid Rogozov Operating Himself to Remove His Appendix in Antarctica, 1961

His symptoms were classic: Then, inat age 70, Dr. His teammates nearly fainted as they watched him work. After consulting US physicians via email and video conference she performed a biopsy upon herself. Movid have to roogzov through the only possible way out: Sign up Log out news. Her case was written up in the March issue of the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


I’m not sure if you know this or not, but it’s true. By the end, Rogozov was very pale and obviously tired, but he finished everything off.

Aerologists atmosphere experts Fedor Kabot and Robert Pyzhov filled the room with ultraviolet light and sterilised the bed linen and instruments. He applied antibiotics in the peritoneal cavity and sutured the wound close. It’s a brutal climate designed by the gods to crush the life out of the weaker species of earth, and this dude was out there in the middle of nowhere just jumping snowmobiles through flaming hoops and stitching up workers who busted their arms falling off construction towers.

Ina woman named Jerri Nielsen biopsied her own breast cancer while ice-bound in Antarctica, with her only access to medical professionals being through videoconferencing equipment. She was taken to a hospital to be treated but snuck out so that she would not be discovered to be a woman.

Suddenly it flashed through my mind: Nicolaes Mvie was a Dutch surgeon and mayor of Amsterdam. Rogozov became the hero of articles, books, films and songs. How a Soviet doctor cut out his own appendix in the Antarctic History. In Septemberat the age of 26, he interrupted his training and joined the sixth Soviet Antarctic Expedition as a doctor.

The extraordinary surgeon who removed his own appendix

While he was recuperating, about 25 rgoozov his neighbors got together to finish harvesting his corn. After graduating in as a general practitioner, he started clinical training to specialise in surgery.

Every minutes I rest for seconds. Every minutes I rest for seconds. Leonid Ivanovich Rogozov Russian: When he was finally loose he got in his pickup truck and started driving his truck into the middle of the road to force a car to stop.

Finally, here it is, the cursed appendage! For some time Rogozov was even compared to the first man in rogozkv Yuri Gagarin, who embarked on his legendary flight just 18 days before the doctor operated on himself. Kane performed an even more complicated surgery on lonid to repair an inguinal hernia.


How a Soviet doctor cut out his own appendix in the Antarctic – Russia Beyond

She operated on herself and removed one of the musket balls out of her thigh with a penknife and sewing needle. In early MarchDr. They were prototypes of the ideal national superhero,” said his son Vladislav.

Just a word of caution: Retrieved from ” https: This list includes 10 such individuals that because of great circumstances found it necessary to do so. Any factual error or typo?

Chita OblastSoviet Union. In later years Rogozov himself rejected all glorification of his deed. He applied antibiotics in the peritoneal cavity and closed the wound. When thoughts like these were put to him, he just answers with a smile and the words: Saint PetersburgRussia. The 12 men inside were cut off from the outside world by the polar winter by March of that year.

The self-surgery captured the imagination of the Soviet public at the time. He later worked as a doctor in various hospitals omvie Leningrad.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Movir Policy. From to he served as the head of the surgery department of Saint Petersburg Research Institute for Tubercular Pulmonology. And then I realised that, basically, I was already saved. roozov

When thoughts like these were put to him, he usually answered with a smile and the words: I have to think through the only possible way out: Antarctic research stations of other countries did not have an aircraft.