Jay suffers a heart attack on hearing this. Despite his mother repeatedly pleading with him to get any job, Pinaki does not heed her. Meeta tells him that, ironically, she was orphaned when she was 8. She is now pregnant with Subhash s baby. So Sanju leaves for Kashmir to fulfil it. Will she return to Aman?

Bitterness is spewed between the cousins, and Nikhat accuses Jamila of always trying to snatch Javed away from her. Are they able to trace their children? In order to feed himself and his mother, he begins to work as a peon under a strict boss Doraiswamy Nagesh Bhosle. Why can not he marry her? Bappa used to say that one needs a lot of strength to live with respect. Retrieved from ” https:

She urges Ritu to ask him to either leave his wife, or else she will end the relationship. She recognises Rashid as her son s gang and is shocked to see him seeking refuge in her own house.

Ganga Yamuna – Ep – 103 _ Dt 14-10-16

All was well until Mithu meets with a sudden death. Gradually, the ice is broken and love blossoms between them.

Anna, a rich girl, is deeply in love with Roarick, a poor boy. Vasundhara wonders why her husband sleeps in a different room, so she tries hard to entice him but of no avail.

Barkha finds it boring. Maharaj ji is also scared as no one as spoke to Amma ji like this. And so they employ a housekeeper, Savitri, Sulbha Arya in their house.


However, Abhinav, prodded by his little daughter, Kajol, asks him to call Seema and apologise for his behaviour. What will happen to Jai s family? Madhvi tries to take her inside when Amma ji comes there. Her husband’s Dilip Dhawan nephew, Aftab comes to stay with them for his engineering admission.

Niru kwnchana that she too is arrogant.

I came to fulfil my promise. Ganga cannot take it. When she confides in her mother about her feelings, her mother warns that she would kanfhana be able to marry him, as episodw is against their custom. Kishan, a young botanist, comes to their house seeking refuge on a rainy night. Sagar thinks of Ganga. Amma ji looks at Madhvi. On a professional overnight trip together, they end up talking about their personal lives.

Upon her return, Shiru comes to know of Yagya s deceit and she commits suicide. He grows extremely fond of her and dreams of making her a lawyer.


Initially Bunny is irritated by Bugs presence and his silly jokes. The girl questions her if this was written in some book.

Singh Surekha Sikri has sheltered him from the world. Pallavi JoshiEpiwode Khera. He also gets her an admission in a school with the help of Rafiq.


But one look at Parul Mouli Ganguly changes all the rules for him as he falls head over heels in love with her. Will Sameer accept the relationship or will he move on kaanchana his life?! She urges him to have a career of his own, to befriend people, to be independent. Raju Nasirr Khan has no time for love as he is too engrossed in his studies. Go in the ashram. He gets furious and leaves her. Is this the end of all her dreams? Will Ganga also do this puja? Here, he learns about the infinite love people have for their land and admires their unshakeable faith that peace will prevail in their land.

Kongumudi serial

They own a farmhouse close to Bunty s home. Their relationship gradually turns to love. Snigdha Mona Ambegaonkar is a good kanchsna but has been jobless from 2 months.