Anjali welcomes Jyothi, Shlok goes into his room as Riya is looking at him. Khushi tells Nk to keep Arnav busy and she starts putting everything away in her room. ASR then starts fighting with thesecond guy and wins against him. I used and took advantage of my own child. Staff says, it will be done soon. LOC – Life Out of. Shyam is getting up and leaving from there but Anjali stops him. Khushi says, no one..

Niranjan says that he is no more interested and happy in this. Shyam tries to explain that he did all this for her but shesays she knows he loves only his money. Kabir tells the police about Abhay Abhay being present on the. Nani says, this contest is not for you. Nani tells Khushi to go without any tension. Join or Log Into Facebook.

Astha thinks that the first thing she has to do is to find DVD. He leaves and Khushi trespasses and entersthe premises of the shed. Arnav still seems unperturbed.

They get a bit serious now on money matters. She apologises to Devi Maiyya for having been so selfish. Milkman says, because everyday you take 4 liters only.

Manorma is making her way to them. Arnav is taken aback as men episodw and throw the kyya all over and aroundhim. Unseen Arnav Khushi Pics.

Shlok goes on saying to tease her but Astha is thinking of the DVD. Shyam states their love may be different, dooh if hecant get his love then no one can, since she is willing to do anythingfor Arnav. She asks some office worker to bring scissor and needle n stuff. He is leaving from there.


I know and she puts check jo age 30 to Khushi then sees herself in mirror and screams as well. She says to herself, nothing will happen by acting like him.

After the call is done. You have to think something different. The head orders them to continue with the work and not botherwith whoever? Shyam is taking Khushi away in a car forcibly. Khushi and Nk proceed toward the stage while everyone else sit down to watch them.

Arnav then asks Khushi, why are you not picking up my call? Where to watch Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon with english. God she looks soworried, worrys me too? I had a feeling itwas going there?

Iss pyaar episode – Up movie dog dug

Khushi says, wow Khushi. Arnav goes to Shyam and asks, everything is lie? Khushi gets nervous and says, what if they say no? Finally that noise is gone and Shyam is drinking water standing in front of some TV.

Iss pyaar episode 282

But I believe I am a winner. Astha and Shlok comes to Jyothi’s home. Arnav asks her, what happened? I tried so many times. I have to show my husband that I am baam only a good wife of a good husband, but I also have some identity. He says, take this as punishment for hiding the truth.


I am sure you will get happy seeing that. I always fulfil my promise? Aarav asks, ptaar you really that young?

Seriado Updates: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 14 August Written Update

She calls Arnav and warns him to be alert. She says, people of this house are not like you. Khushi is trying to set herself free but is not ableto. Nnaam gets up and starts walking.

Arnav enters his room and closes the door. Astha says that she will talk to Riya. Khushi finishes his sentence and states that if the need be Khushican do whatever it takes no matter the standard, because she loves ASRand for her ise she will be willing to do anything.