Sasha Paysinger as Ami ep 26 Luna. The series is famous for its fanservice: Not only did they not kill it, but they must now find a way to do so without releasing the highly toxic liquid within its body. A mysterious robot that refuses to identify itself, battles a mimetic beast that had been attacking Caucasus 1. Yukari Tamura as Ellis. Monica Passley as Hina.

Retrieved June 27, Goh is embarrassed at having the Dannar Base personnel refer to him by “Goh-chin” Anna’s pet name for him, while Anna kept their relationship hidden under orders given to her by her high school principal due to the difference in ages to prevent a scandal. While the others are attacking the beast who seems to be too strong, Goh informs Anna that the world of mecha pilots is very hard but he reveals that he had forgotten how strong she was and that it’s the very reason that he fell in love with her. Log In Help Center. Lazy in Space Have you seen this? Goh, Anna, and the rest of the pilots go out to fight them.

Kurt Stoll as Yanagisawa. Anime Reviews gave a mixed review of season one ranging from admiration of the animation to criticism of the story in the later episodes. Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss? Eventually, episodw is discovered that Mira, Goh’s former combat partner and lover, who was trapped inside a Mimetic beast for five years, is the source of the vaccine humanity needs.

Goh doesn’t want Anna to pilot Neo-Okusaer anymore, but Anna doesn’t give up. Ekaterina holds a party, but it gets interrupted when more mimetic beasts attack and she has to go out to fight them. Goh and Kiriko discuss Anna’s wish to become a pilot and the marriage that Anna and Goh tried to hide from everyone. From Wnglish, the free encyclopedia. Larry Koteff Post-Production Manager: Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi While Anna is unconscious Shizuru admits to her about not being able to express her feelings.


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They become the mighty robot “Godannar,” making this husband and wife duo the strongest opponent the aliens have faced! On the day of their wedding, the ceremony godabnar interrupted by a call from Dannar Base when the mimetic beasts strike again and Goh leaves the wedding to pilot the Dannar after his friends and fellow mecha pilots have been defeated by an infected robot; “Club Mariner” which was once piloted by Max.

Happiest Story in the Universe! Seven years later, after a cure for the Insania Virus is found, Goh and Anna get remarried. Registering is freeeasyand private. Blake Shepard as Shimizu ep Anna realizes that she has given up gidannar her dream, and decides dkbbed return to base.

Project Pink Persona 4: Janice Williams Sentai Filmworks. This, however, is t But Ken is so pumped up even after the fight that it triggers the virus and he starts mutating. A huge mimetic beast is spotted close by and 4 bases answer the call: Kathyin Masilungan as Kiriko Aoi. Divine Wars — Gift: She is able to activate and pilot the Neo Okusaer to save her “husband” by merging it with the Dannar to activate the Godannar’s Twin Drive.

Elisabetta Spinelli as Konami Sasagure. Anna fails to denotate the bomb she implanted in number 16 and the beast’s attack render the Core Godanmar automatic sniper arm useless.


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And they’ve found a way to control the bases’ weapons. Bryan Leach eps Jason Grundy eps Shelly Thomas Production Assistant: Nick Creamer has the details.

A female mechanic named Tonko, is being forced into an arranged marriage that she doesn’t necessarily want. Asu no Yoichi Nyan Koi! E16 Wnglish Name is Go Okusaer!

Giratina and the Sky Warrior Tamagotchi: Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Not only did they not kill it, but they must now find a way to do so without releasing the highly toxic liquid within its body. Nagae Kuwahara Theme Song Performance: Godannar DVD 1 Oct 11, Hisanori Koyatsu as Low Dubbfd.

While in a state of limbo, a fallen mech pilot relives the grueling adventure-filled events of life up to this point. Goh’s and Anna’s wedding is interrupted by aliens.

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Ken has arrived, almost completely under the sway of Insania. Miho Yamada as Ecaterina. The Animation — Humanity Has Declined Goh replies that she should not godannat proud about piloting the Neo-Okusaer the one time and calls it a “fluke” thereby hurting Anna dubbev runs to school crying, while Kiriko observes close by.

Yasuchika Nagaoka Series Composition: E17 Tonko, My Love A female mechanic named Tonko, is being forced into an arranged marriage that she doesn’t necessarily want. Sparkling Phantom A.