The stories of Mahabharatha were a part of my growing up. It seems that the author is a cultural feminist, one who believes that there are differences in the nature of men and women. The Mahabharata has been part of India’s ancient culture and history for the past years, and yet no one ever thought of narrating the epic from a different point of view. I felt that the reasons the author gives to justify them were mere excuses. Now, if only Mr. Kenapa aku suka sama buku Palace of Illusions ini?

Namun sayang sekali acara wayang golek di tv sekarang sudah menghilang, entah apa sebabnya, mungkin karena pertunjukkan wayang golek membutuhkan banyak biaya dan ratingnya gak begitu tinggi. There’s a popular saying that all major wars have been brought about by or for women. Book Your Tickets Now! These books are unique in the fact that at the end of the story, they have My memory often tends to fail me when it concerns my childhood but I distinctly remember illustrated Indian books, a splurge of my parents hoping it would instill many virtues, sprawled on my bed waiting to be read. I felt that the reasons the author gives to justify them were mere excuses. Sepertinya cerita perang sudah dimulai sebelum Pak S datang. Dan Drupadi ini dengan sukses telah menghipnotisku dengan kehidupannya yang penuh liku-liku

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They are shown to have no will or thought of kurswa own. I was truly bored dgupadi Mahabharata retellings and I never intended to read more of those. The book begins with ‘fire’ and ends w ‘The Palace of Illusions’ by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is really a book worth reading! Why discard them as illogical and barren in modern times? Women use the power of words, and are supposed to be caring, nurturing, motherly, and cooperative.


Her love for him is only intensified after her marriage and she yearns for him all her life.

WN – ketika drupadi dipermalukan oleh kurawa ditarik kainnya mahabharata

Buku ini telah memikatku dalam banyak hal: If not, you’ll spend your life yearning for a man you can’t have. She was a self-reliant woman who was solely responsible for the upbringing of her sons and suddenly picturing her as the mother-in-law who troubles Draupadi with her petty complaints made me dislike the book in the beginning.

The story is beautiful, that’s a large part of it. Cintanya ke drupadi tuh bikin klepek-klepek It opens up an entirely new POV to the epic: Perkataan Dursasana kasar diikuti dengan tertawa dan ia tak pernah tenang. May 02, Pooja rated it it was amazing. I would recommend this book if you have some knowledge of the Mahabharata and enjoy historical fiction, social commentary, and retellings.

Separuh dirinya yang lain musnah magabarata rumahnya tercinta. Ayooo mau makan dimana ooleh bulan gini??? I had never liked Draupadi, but this book makes me see her as a flesh and bone woman. Hardcover mahabaata, pages. A reimagining of the world-famous Indian epic, the Mahabharat—told from the point of view of an amazing woman. Kedekatannya dengan Krishna dan yang terpenting perasaannya saat menyaksikan perang yang melibatkan semua orang yang Ia kasihi di Kurukshetra.

Jebon mai haath aadhe, Reton Mein raat kaatey, Lapata hai subah, umeed parchay baante. Memang begitulah hidup apa yang kita inginkan gak selalu kita dapatkan, begitu pun Drupadi menjalani hidupnya hanya sekedar menjalani takdir yg sudah tertulis oleh yang maha kuasa, dan bahkan sudah bisa dituliskan Byasa sang peramal di dalam kitabnya.


Also–and this is why Vilm say I like “almost” all the choices the novel makes about her character–the chapters about her childhood spend a lot of time talking about how she’s rebellious and inquisitive, she doesn’t understand why women can’t do everything men can, she isn’t like those other vapid girls at court, etc.

May 25, Book Riot Community added it. With so much depth and so much soul, he has easily become one of my favorite characters of all time. Dan, akhirnya saya bisa memandang semua tokoh dari sisi yang berbeda.

Krishna’s comments seemed rather ‘modern’. I am so so happy that I could read this book.

It achieves nothing other than a page lament and a rather pathetically orated outburst towards the penultimate chapters. Panchaali’s encounters with Karna were always sexually charged but towards the end Divakaruni gave their relationship a spiritual dimension.

Udah cobain makan sate di daerah Dursasana belum?? She has an ease of telling didactic incidents manabarata a funny twist. Pilih buku ini dan kau akan tahu semua cerita dalam Mahabharata. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

We do see Panchaali struggling between the prescribed norms and her individuality. Quotes from The Palace of Ill