This Constitution was rendered superfluous when on 6 September the day the war with India broke out , emergency was proclaimed in the country suspending all the fundamental rights available under the Constitution. Though the kingpins have since been executed, it would be premature to conclude that the country has totally got rid of Islamic extremists. Elections were held again and Benazir returned to power in Transition to the last phase is inevitable even if the skeletal frame- work is discarded or wrecked. Despite the new directions from which members of the secretarial classes were recruited they would enthusiastically support the translation movement. He used them as pawns of his global belligerence. With national boundaries redrawn, and new concepts and ideas having replaced old ones, the dominant themes of world affairs today are those of globalization and integration through greater economic interaction between nations and peoples, promotion of development and democracy as mutually reinforcing imperatives and respect for fundamental freedoms and human rights. Syed Atif Ali Cast:

The salutary impact of this event was magnified by the fact that it came in the wake of the disastrous Byzantino-Persian wars of AD which devastated the area, decimated the local populations, and disrupted trade. The all in all feudal lord puts immense pressure on Khan to take that murder on his head and also promises for his bail. Ahmad commissioned many translations of mathematical and astronomical texts. Another way of state earning could be to expeditiously bring back into the country the money illegally stashed away by the rich and the powerful during BNP-Jamaat rule With an increasing sense of helplessness Imaan becomes ever more stressed and eventually falls ill. Watch Shiza every Saturday at 9: Now the years have passed and situation is different because no matter how unfair life is with you it still moves on.

Two years later on 13 March Advani renewed the charge. If the APHC had contested the polls, the Assembly would have had a radically different composition and character.

It was during this period that under the Provisional Legal Framework Order issued on 30 Marchfateful general elections were held in Decemberwhich then led to the break-up of Pakistan, the worst tragedy that could happen to any country. While capital and labor are reproducible, energy remains an important non-reproducible factor of production.

In March vast oil reserves were discovered and, like in Iran, the burgeoning wealth prompted the state to vigorously enforce the Wahabi ideology.

The next step towards it will mark the end of the pen- ultimate phase in this process. What should then the least developed countries such as Bangladesh do?

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Indo-Bangladesh relations are bedeviled by an assortment of problems which include the equitable sharing of water resources, the delimitation of the maritime boundary, occasional firing along the border by the BDF and BSF, the trade gap in favor of India, tariff and non-tariff barriers on exports from Bangladesh and transit facilities. Kashmiris will be involved; c demilitariza- tion, and d joint management.


On fatimw return from exile in Octoberfriwndskorner did not take Benazir Episodee long to discover the real mood of the people. George go and fight those bul in Afghanistan; and I did. Civilian governments were installed both at the federal as well as provincial levels. The assemblies that had elected Musharraf for his first term were nearing the completion of their tenures and he hastened to have himself re-elected by the same rubber stamp federal and provincial legislatures.

Log in Forgotten Your Password? Till the 15th century Iran was a sunni majority country but this changed in the beginning of the 16th century when Ismail Safavid came to power and made the ithna ashari school of shiaism the state religion.

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Penultimate Phase the Constitution. This perception was reinforced by the fact that Nawaz Sharif was elected prime minister in but dismissed in even though he had liberalized the economy, restored confidence of domestic and foreign investors, the impact of which was that investments increased by Pakistan sought something close to shared governance, with the Kashmiris friendskorndr a leading role; India, fearing a loss of sovereignty, wanted much less power-sharing.

Vajpayee went back on an agreed draft. In some ways the emergence of the concept of sovereignty ran parallel with the similar epizode of the idea of private property, both emphasizing exclusive rights concentrated in a single holder, in contrast to the medieval system of diffused and many-layered political and economic rights. He episose that Junejo was conspiring against him in order to undermine his position, and accused the National Assembly of corruption and failure to enforce Islamic way of life.

If indeed the Bayt al Hikma was an Abbasid administrative bureau, then it institutionalized the Pahlavi into Arabic translation culture. Penultimate Phase nouncements, in order to ascertain the areas of common ground and the gjl points of difference. Basil sees his sister-in-law first time on the occasion of engagement ceremony and caught in love at first sight.

The process leading to the formation of this body was initiated by the Mir Waiz. It would also make our imports dearer. Thus it is important that any territorial differences ftiendskorner resolved or bypassed on a mutually acceptable basis in accordance with economic rationality and political sagacity.


The state plays a key role in this process; without it, developmental strategies have little hope of succeeding. We can see the importance of this correspondence between translation and the immediate adoption of its product by the friendsmorner of successive translation movements in the history of Urdu language. The divide between them has blurred. Democracy is valuable in its own right but is secondary to a core developmental rationale.


Demilitarise Kashmir, give self- governance to the people of Kashmir and have a joint management ar- rangement on top… we could debate and modify the idea… I think it is the people of Kashmir themselves who need to now generate the kind of ideas and pressure on the Indian Government….

But The Kashmir Study Group he set up was unwieldy and comprised some whose relationship with realities was tenuous. The other Working Groups also submitted friejdskorner Reports; especially the ones by M. Governments have always changed through an electoral process and the political leadership remains subservient to the will of the people which is exercised on a regular basis through fair and free elections.

In a general way it is fatlma that their activities of patronage correlate fatoma with the strength of the office of the caliph itself and the real power of its successive holders.

Francis Fukuyama thinks that basically four conditions have to exist to facilitate democratic transition: That was an unambitious exercise. Virtually all industrialized economies are functioning democracies while relatively very few poor countries are democracies. This play revolves around Mashal Aiman who is gifted beautiful sensible and high-spirited girl.

Each episode is filled with humorous quirks that drives the viewer in a frenzy of laughter. In the Charter of Democracy, the leaders of the two mainstream political parties, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, had reaffirmed their commitment to the restoration of the Constitution as it stood on 12 Octoberand also to the fundamental values and freedoms as available in all democratic societies. Imaan meanwhile is engaged to her cousin Abdullah.

We have been experimenting with different systems at different times and sometime all at the same time. While legislation in the Federal List was only the prerogative of the Federation, the Concurrent List was open to both the Provinces and the federation with equal right to frame laws. Once that problem is tamed, the government is likely to turn its attention towards vision COM statistics and information.

No worthwhile opposition to this translation movement is recorded in the writings of scholars of Islam of the period. The outlook prevailed in all these circles before the Jan Sangh was set up in and its heir the BJP in The farmers are, however, dependant, on the government for agricultural inputs like diesel for irrigation, fertilizer, seeds etc.