She has to go on her own to help her prepare for the wedding. In a few short weeks, she has not only gained some mastery of the language but supportive friendship, with one being more intimately intended. Archived from the original on 3 March Debutant director Gauri Shinde’s blotted approach,treatment, casting and crisp editing makes EV a joyride which could be otherwise a saccharine tale of a lost housewife. She finds unlikely allies in the sister’s house and a gallant, romantic French fellow student. If she is capable of learning, she would have done in india itself.

English Vinglish has everything a typical Indian film contains, from comedy to romance – handled with such maturity – culture and language. The story of movie is so cute. Sridevi achieves it flawlessly in a harrowing encounter at a cafe in her comeback film, English Vinglish. Using the back-drop of the tuition class Shinde throws subtle hints on different issues like Indo-Pak peace, tolerance towards homosexuals and understanding them etc. The only high point coming out of this part of the film is the bonding between Sridevi and French actor Mehdi Nebbou. The script, the performances, the cinematography, music sync gorgeously on screen. The devilish glee and devious concentration on Sri’s face as she channels her inner Mickey Contractor dabbing bronzers and blushers, smudging spitting on brushes over a colour palette, blobbing glossy lipsticks, rubbing gooey gel on her palms to unveil her grotesque masterpiece is an absolute scream. Summoned to New York by her sister to help with the preparations for her niece’s upcoming wedding, Shashi finds herself confronted with ideas, customs, and individuals that, while foreign, are not wholly alien to her.

It’s side-splitting to watch her roguish side take over as she bullies Rohini Hattangady with a pocket knife and a throaty Raaj Kumar-ism, ‘ Jaani yeh chaaku hai haath lag jaaye toh khoon nikal data hai ‘ followed by an impromptu make-up session. Kudos to her for writing such a fine story and raising the movie to such poetry on screen.

An Indian co-worker in the US consulate wisecracks: This experience turns out to be a course in self-discovery as well. I rarely watch Hindi movies. It was also good that all songs were onliine the story and none of them looked out of place. English Vinglish is almost a masterstroke of a debut for director Gauri Shinde.


But, seems like Gauri was aware of that predicament and therefore the film is not about liberation or deliverance but emergence! Shekhar Kapoor doesn’t tweet everyday on a mainstream film appreciating it.

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The build-up to Shashi’s going to the US and her desire to learn English is not forceful as the title would demand. Sridevi’s performance as a child-woman suffering from amnesia was called by Indian Express “a milestone in her illustrious career”. The film enhlish brought to the forefront children showing disrespect for a parent englush no English. And this leave of absence surely helped her in her protagonist role here, but more on that later.

Though, to be fair he did get some glorious lines throughout, and his oh-so-snob attitude towards fries had me smiling from ear to ear, which let’s think about it for a second: At some point in our lives we have all felt that if we don’t speak good English, we are not destined to be successful human beings. He is just a regular working professional who has lost interest in her wife due to cultural differences and sadly that’s the scenario of most arranged marriages still happening in our country where the wife is not at par as husband in terms of social strata.

Perhaps, that is the reality of ordinary life or shall we say mainstream cinema. For those unaware, like I was previously, Sridevi is arguably the best actresss Indian Cinema has produced over the last few decades, and it is only today that I fully understood why. But not with Gauri Shinde.

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This is, to put it mildly, The Return of the Queen. The film has been in the limelight only for the comeback of Sridevi. Every person populating the plot is vididly sketched. There isn’t the usual rona-dhona, yet the film will get you teary eyed but with a smile. Instead, it is a subtle move.

And they make the film lighter. Originally intended as a brief scene, Sri’s comedy chops tempted director Shekhar Kapur to extend it into a full-fledged sequence. This is a film which you can watch with your parents and with your climad. She is only to be considered in terms of her social relations- as wife, mother, homemaker. What is quite clijax simple and universal concept was written and edited so well, englush it provided so many extra layers to the film.


The others family member would joined her later. Her attempts at English-vinglish allow her to dispense with the make-up, and the made-upness, and get the actor out from under.

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I don’t have stars to dole out. One of the finest actors, I sincerely hope this film opens more doors for him.

Perfect for family, couples, and friends, as there is something for everyone to take away from this movie. As if one needed a reminder, large billboards of Sridevi in a saree against the New York skyline, looking lost, stared back at us all the way.

Watch the film to know what he does! However, for her husband Satish Godbole Adil Hussain her life was only meant englieh make Laddoos, while for her daughter she is nothing but an embarrassment as she cannot match up to her friend’s mothers for Shashi’s faltered English is too much englisg a letdown to everybody.

All positives to Sridevi, supporting actors. If that’s not stereotyping on steroids, then I don’t know what is. English Vinglish is that rare thing — a Hindi film that creates a heroine out of a homemaker.

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And Sridevi is a serious contender with this performance of hers for the Best Actress Award. Can the film do justice to her enormous talent and bring her back clomax a big way? In spite of being totally devoted to her family, she is under-appreciated, and often a subject of mockery and put-downs.